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Ministry of education and science: Enrollment of children in the first grade begins on June 1


Enrollment of children in the first grade of microparticles begins on June 1 and will last until August 15.

In case of illness, parents ‘ departure and other exceptional circumstances, the child may be admitted later.

For admission to the first class must provide the following documents:

– statements of parents (legal representatives) addressed to the head of school;

– the medical card of the established sample (f-26, f-63);

– copies of birth certificate;

– copies of the passport of one of the parents (legal representatives);

– the document establishing the residence of the child (if the actual residence of the child and the place of registration specified in the passport of one of parents (legal representatives) do not coincide);

– health certificates at the time of admission to school.

Entry in the first class of children who do not live on the microparticle of the school begins on August 15 and lasts until September 5 inclusive.



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