About us


Our goal

Currently, English is being studied by many people who have realized that the knowledge of this language is very important. English is a language of international communication. Besides, it is widely recognized as an international language in spheres such as business, technology, finance and economic development. For this reason more and more people are trying to ensure mastering this language. English is needed in order to operate computers in automobiles, GPS – navigation, radio, computer programs, computer games and to be able to comprehend inscriptions on the electrical devices and the operating instructions for these devices. In addition, a lot of information in Internet is availible in English which exceeds ten times the information availible in Russian. The more information one has, the more intelligent and resourceful one can consider oneself to be. Thus if one aspires to have a successful career, then one cannot do without, good knowledge of the English language. Today, knowledge of English language is one of the most important requirements for employment, as well as a guarantee for one’s professional success.

Many people need free and perfect command of English to understand all the nuances of a conversation with a foreign interlocutor. Therefore one needs the best teacher.

Benefits of our School

We have professional native English speaking teachers.

The teaching staff of our school with high level of education are undoubtably an advantage, who teach English language courses at the highest levels. They are native highly qualified and experienced teachers from Unites Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Nigeria. All of them are certified for teaching foreign students, beside having taught English in different countries.

Teaching modern language!!

It is a well known fact that one of the main components of the process of acquiring knowledge is the teaching method. That is why «CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL», as a school of modern English language, uses approved teaching methods which are the most effective in the sphere of English language training. Methods are selected based on the objectives of language learning, forms of learning and English knowledge level of students.

 Excellent combination of price and quality!!

The combination of affordable prices, high quality training, up-to-date curriculum and teaching methods are the main advantages of learning in «CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL»!!!

Convenient time of lessons and good location of School!

The convenient geographical location of the building, modern and cozy classrooms, the large real cinema, where the students can  watch movies in English, long office hours – all of these are for our students. Welcome to Cambridge School and we will teach you to speak and think in English!