Adult-Teenagers Program

13 years old+

Our Adult-Teenagers program is designed for students from 13 years old and older. It has 5 levels: Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level lasts 2 months. You will study in a group of 5-10 students, 5 days per week, under supervision of highly qualified teachers from Monday to Friday. Training materials are included.

Students are enrolled in accordance with student’s own schedule.


•   Course Category: Intensive 5 academic hours per week

•   Five lessons per week: 07:30-20:20

•   Class size: 5-10

•   Level length: 2-2.5 months

•   Levels: Children 1, Children 2, Children 3, Children 4

•   Start dates: Any day after level test

•   Tuition fee: 2500 som per month