Summer camp

Cambridge School is offering an opportunity to participate in Summer Camp at the Issyk Kul lake. Make great memories with Summer Camp of Cambridge School!

For kids and teenagers who wish to spend an excellent vocation at the Issyk-Kul lake, get good experience and confidence in speaking English, get new friends and just have a lot of fun, we offer English Summer Camp at the Issyk-Kul lake.

Summer camp is held in the period from 16 June to 27 August 2016. We offer you 8 bunches, one of each lasts 10 days. There is a large well-kept area for recreation, a large volleyball court, table tennis. Our experienced staff (teachers and administrative staff) will support you. Your safety will be controlled by the professional security guard police officers.

The price is including:

  • Comfortable and cozy rooms;
  • Four square meals;
  • Transportation on king long buses;
  • 24 hours English language practice with native speakers;
  • Games and sporting events (beach volleyball, table tennis, frisbee);
  • Disco (different styles);
  • Holidays and celebrations;
  • 24-hours maximum security;
Bunch Dates Price, som
1 16 Jun-25 Jun 2017 7000
2 25 Jun-4 Jul 2017 7500
3 4 Jul-13 Jul 2017 8500
4 13 Jul-22 Jul 2017 9000
5 22 Jul-31 Jul 2017 9000
6 31 Jul-9 Aug 2017 9000
7 9 Aug-18 Aug 2017 9000
8 18 Aug-27 Aug 2017 8500


Participate in our camp and get a free month of studying English in our school.

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