Work and Travel USA

Cambridge School is offering Work and Travel Program, the most popular program for international students exchange and work abroad.
Students participating in the Work and Travel program are able to earn from $ 7.5 per hour in any of the 50 US states, to improve the level of English and to gain international work experience in large companies with a worldwide reputation.

At the end of the work each participant is given the opportunity to travel in the United States, to visit places that are famous all over the world in the company of new friends! Remember that the overseas experience gained in American companies is welcomed in prestigious companies all over the world and can serve as a first step, both for professional development and for personal improvement of the .

Summer Work and Travel Program

Cambridge School is offering Summer Work and Travel Program. College and University students enrolled full time and pursuing studies at post-secondary accredited academic institutions located outside the United States are welcome to come to the United States (for 3 months) to share their culture and ideas with people of the United States through temporary work and travel opportunities.

Summer Work and Travel Students must be:

• Sufficiently proficient in English (at least of Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate level) to successfully interact in an English speaking environment;

• Have successfully completed at least one semester or equivalent of post-secondary academic study

• Post-secondary school students enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree or other full-time course of study at an accredited classroom based, post-secondary educational institution outside the United States. Age – from 18 to 28 years old;

• Pre-placed in a job prior to entry unless from a visa waiver country.


• A chance to earn $7.5-12 per hour;;

• A chance to improve English skills;

• A chance to get international work experience in large American companies;

• A chance to find new friends and learn about culture and life of USA.

• A chance to travel in and see United States of America;


The total price for this program – $1400. It includes:

• Form DS-2019;

• Job offer;

• Medical insurance;

• Documents preparation

• Informational book about Work and Travel Program;

• SEVIS fee;

• Taxes refund


• Two months of free classes with a native speaker to prepare for the interviews with an employer and the Counsel!

• Our support in purchasing air ticket with a discount.

• Free transfer to the Manas airport at the date of leaving to USA.

Realize your dream – participate in the World and Travel program!